Spike Range

Grid In-Desk Range


  • D4 SPIKE range brings two key elements to desktop ergonomics. A Source of power and light in a single stylish unit.
  • LED lighting technology saves 75% in energy and last 25% longer than traditional technologies.
  • Studies show that LED lighting can improve performance of visual and cognitive tasks by 8.3%
  • Traditional ceiling based light sources have been used to achieve mandatory light levels (lux) for typical activities such as typing (300 lux) or draft drawing (500 lux).
  • Dual source lighting allows main light sources to be reduced to the minimum general light level of 100 lux and then introducing only the required level in the exactly localized area by means of an LED task lamp.
  • Achieving energy saving of up to 40% while providing higher quality light for the workspace user.


Dual source lighting

Dual source lighting Image

• Reduce ambient lighting to 205 lux.
• Resulting in up to 40% energy saving.

D4 SPIKE ranges offers USB / Power connectivity with a high quality LED task light that is dimmable, single shadow, low glare light for even further ergonomic and energy saving benefits.

The location of the SPIKE (either to the left or right of the work space) not only convenient for USB/Power connection but also goes to further improve the ergonomic condition by eliminating reflective glare from the desktop.

Importance of dual source lighting location

Dual source lighting Image

Eliminates reflective glare from lamp

Source: www.lumastream.com "Effects of four workspace lighting technologies on perception, cognition and affective state"


Dimmable LED Lamp

Lamp height: 535 mm
LED Power: 6 Watt
LED Luminous Flux: 440 Lumen
LED Colour Temperature: 3000K
LED Colour Rendering Index: 80 CRI
LED Life span: 50 000 hours
Warranty: 5 Years

Colour Options:

Standard body colours: