Standby Module

Power Standby Module


  • Smart Standby Power Module eliminates standby power used by computer peripherals.
  • While all computer peripherals are in standby mode waiting to be activated by the PC they consume energy which is eliminated using a Smart standby module which is integrated into your power sets.
  • Standby Switch modules can be added to any powerset, which is connected via a standard PC printer cable and require no additional software to operate.
  • It is compatible with 99% of PC and Laptop docking stations and will work on Windows or Mac systems.


Sstanby Power Module Graphic

Installed Example


Available in single or dual power options for dedicated applications (two completely independant circuits within a single housing, controlled by a single USB printer port).


Power Standby Module

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Power is consumed by internal and external power supplies in:
• Printers
• Scanners
• Monitors
• Speakers
• Routers
• Modems
• External Hard Drives
• Desk Lamps