Wing Range

Grid Range


Wing Range Single
  • Fully customized desktop power sets.
  • Anodised aluminium body for strong and robust durability.
  • Cable hidden within the mounting posts.
  • Sturdy on desk mounting with single or double post versions.
  • Ideal for "Hot Desking" as it eliminates the need for the user to crawl under the desk to find power and data outlets.
  • Through wiring to allow for 'Daisy Chain' installations via interconnect leads


Standard Body Colours:

Polar - Anodized Silver post and body with White end caps

Grid Range Graphite

Graphite - Texture powder coated black body with Black end caps and Silver posts

Grid Range Titanium

Titanium - Anodized Silver post and body with Black end caps

∗Custom colours available on request
∗60 & 80mm anodised aluminium base plates available


  • Power Modules • Standby Switch
    • Overload Switch
    • Circuit Breaker
  • Socket Outlets • South African 16 Amp 3 pin
    • South African dedicated (3 versions)
    • South African Compact (SANS 164-2)
    • South African Compact Dedicated Sockets
      (SANS 164-2-1) (3 versions)
    • British
    • Shucko (Export orders only)
  • Data / Auxilary Modules • Cat 5e
    • Cat 6
    • USB 3.0 extension
    • USB 2.4 Amp dual charger
    • VGA
    • F-Type
    • RCA
    • HDMI
    • Display Port